A while ago, I wrote a post about Science-Fiction Leakage Into Current Reality where I pulled things together, connected dots, occurrences, and history like I sometimes tend to do.  You might call the genre that really interests me as Conspiracy-Sci-Fi , or myself as one of those types of writers.  That would be partly true.  Engaged in that genre or mode of thought at times feels like trying to understand a car without ever having driven one, or sitting inside one, but still being able to watch them zoom by and finding the stench of their exhaust unavoidable.  And lately everything reeks.  So, here we are again.  If Conspiracy-Sci-Fi it is a genre or sub-genre , many writings in this space have a common theme that involves an Elite Conspiracy to control the world. The whole world.  All of it.  Scary stuff!  There are some imaginative thoughts out there, but then some isn’t just wildly cooked up ideas.  Like all the Intelligence capability conspiracies long before Edward Snowden leapt into the lexicon, that were blown off by sensible citizens as borne of the imagination of fringe kooks.  Well, kooks no longer, as here we once again have more “mainstream” evidence that provides better fodder than any Conspiracy-Sci-Fi fringe nut can come up with.  If you like numbers, you may have  heard this one this week: 

85 human beings possess more wealth than the poorest 3.5 Billion humans on earth.

Read that again and imagine… I’ve thrown parties with more people than that…

Got that rigged feeling?

In case you need a little help counting, the world population clock is ticking at about 7 .1 Billion people.  Even if you suck at math, that’s about half the world anyway you shake it.

Can you say unsustainable?  Cataclysmic?  A looming crisis of unimaginable magnitude?  A major friggin’ catastrophe in the making?

Call me naïve, but I long for the days of Star Trek with Kirk and Spoc, where there was no money (except later versions with Pharengy latinium trades); where people worked for the common purpose of self-development and societal good.  It wasn’t that good and evil still didn’t battle it out like hell, but it was a nice dream anyway.  Good luck nowadays. This is a strange time to be alive, and it feels as if the real show hasn’t even begun yet.  And if reality keeps this up; there’s going to be a lot of fiction writers with no original material left either.  It’s supposed to be the other way around.  And I made it through piece without cursing once this time.  Hang on to your seats.


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Author of science-fiction; translator of social and science relevance; dot connector.

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