Pics*: 1) The bubble appears 2) The bubble expands 3)the bubble collapses 4) Light is emitted.

If it was a sonoluminescent blast that hit Schneider in the chest and eventually gave him  cancer, then these Gray aliens have perfected something very powerful indeed.  As the effect is described by Phil Schneider in his lengthy talk and presentation linked here and below, and identified in the book THE WORST TRADE; some form of sonoluminescence is their primary weapon.  An extrapolation and summation on my part – yes, I’m absolutely claiming that.  Could it have been some other physical phenomena used as a weapon? Sure, perhaps a good ole’ fashioned laser – light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation, or something still unknown, but either way it carried a high degree of destructive wallop, and from Schneider’s description – it sounds like it carried a blast of heat as well.  So what is sonoluminescence?  The scientific jury is still out, but may be essentially described as sound waves that cause the cavitation of gas bubbles that releases light and heat.  The image below (from wikipedia, annotated by me) shows a single bubble suspended in a liquid and two transducers on either side of the beaker.



“Before I go any further, I’m stating again that I am not a physicist, (started school as a science major though) I just like the subject, and write science fiction.  So as always, check for yourself, and scrutinize with a sharp mind.”

The idea that acoustic waves can cause a powerful phenomena many magnitudes more energetic than the stimuli is nothing new.  Ancient cultures worldwide and shamans over the ages have made similar claims about using sound and vibrations, but for whatever reasons, these claims have been swept off  to the trash bins and labeled as fanciful BS by ‘modern’ or ‘western’ cultures.  For those that like their science precise and with reproducible results (and you should) – here it is.  At least this aspect.  The mechanics of the phenomenon suggest that focused acoustic waves hold the bubble at a zero crossing (node) …


…a point where the frequency of the sound wave equals zero.  If one can imaging a rope held by two persons that is flicked by one person, the ends are nodes, the high points are antinodes. With both persons holding and flicking two ropes with equal force at the same time, there will be a point at which the ropes seem to cross and remain still – that’s the node or zero crossing.  Held at this point sonically, the pressure on the bubble causes it to implode.  The physical space of the bubble compresses to the point that great energy in the form of photons and great heat is released, but only for a very brief moment.  It may compress and expand many times in the process, each time releasing heat and photons.  There is much uncertainty  as to what this output actually represents and what is really going on.  Some have suggested that an event horizon, much like a black hole’s event horizon is being created and there has been suggestion that fusion is also taking place.  Temperature ranges of the phenomenon have ranged from 2300 K to 100,000 k and speculated to millions of degrees K, although for an instant measured in picoseconds (1*10-12).  The fact is that humans don’t really know yet.  This phenomenon is relatively new to us, actually having been discovered by a British scientist contracted by the British government in the 20th century to find out why the propellers of ships were degrading so much; the conclusion being the bubbles caused by cavitation were doing this. 

Imagine for a moment if this phenomenon is either or both an even horizon and/ or a fusion event?  Jeez, we need to look at this seriously, and not just because it was used by some hopeful sci-fi writer to make his book work better.  It is the sort of thing that should get some money like Thorium reactors instead of plutonium/ uranium reactors.  Fusion is the Holy Grail of energy right now.  An event horizon is inter-dimensional StarGate stuff, you know like what’s on the other side, who are we connected to, how is is this universe all put together stuff?  I’d much rather see money spent for that and not for killing somebody for once.  So, back to poor Mr. Schneider – he met the bad end of all this if true as he stated, and in the end, lost his life for telling the truth about it, the circumstances, and the exposition of the Gray beings and Human collaborators who caused it.  I don’t believe that humans are innately evil, but we do seem to be innately fearful.  Our evolutionary biology, I think formed up the latter for us and with good reason in a dangerous natural world. That’s for us to overcome one day, and when we do; I believe a new world awaits.  If you think this blog is a little different – it is.  I’d love it if you read some of the previous posts as well.

And lastly, speaking of the natural world, wouldn’t you know evidence of sonoluminescence lives right here on earth in the form of mantis shrimp, pistol shrimp, and some other similar shrimp species.  These small (but deadly to small creatures) shrimp create a sonoluminescent effect by snapping their claws and/or striking so fast and with so much force that some species can break aquarium glass. Some reportedly can even produce the fleeting burst of light.  Colonies of mantis shrimp are known to be one of the major sources of noise in the ocean frequently irritating and beguiling sonar equipment. 

Read all about sonoluminescence and those bad little mofo’s that you don’t want in your salt water aquarium.

Pistol Shrimp_short_video 1:35min

Note: An event horizon can be understood as a physical place in space-time, a boundary, where once crossed events can not affect the observer.  Imagine if you and I were out in space on opposite sides of a black hole and I had a ball of light in my hand and threw it to you.  As long as my toss was outside the influence of the black hole – you could see it and catch it.  If I messed up and threw it too close to the effect of the black hole, its path would be warped and if too close, would be pulled down into the black hole and we would never see it again.  Kind of like that whiffle ball lost into the weeds forever on a summer night.  It’s gone!


Phil Schneider on Dulce Alien Base. This is a series of videos from one speaking event that is a MUST SEE! He tells you about the blast that eventually did him in.

*Pics – come from Wikipedia and have the commons license – so don’t hassle me Smile


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