This image is actually a type of mirage called a ‘fata morgana’ that can occur due to an air temperature inversion relative to the viewers line of sight.

Yup, there’s plenty of evidence from actual witnesses to the existence of alien life and UFOs.  Some of it comes from some of the most credible people in society such as Astronauts like the (late) Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14.  This is a very short, but concise link-list where you can click and see for yourself, and as always do your own side investigations.  It won’t hurt you, and don’t be afraid of what you find.  There is plenty more out there to be found and if you’re so inclined, file your own Freedom of Information request and share it with others as it really belongs to all.

I will admit that some of these links to videos and other information did in fact influence greatly the book The Worst Trade.  And regarding The Worst Trade, I have some interesting news behind the story and will share them soon.  So, in the meantime, this is a very light list, but a goodie!

And as always, if anyone complains about the linking or what I consider (or the law considers) Fair Use, let me know and the right thing will be done.


1:  Dying Confession of CIA Operative about Alien Interview and Eisenhower’s promise to invade Area 51 with the First Colorado Army unit if he was not granted access.  Note:  This entire video should be viewed.  It is about 17 mins.

2:  Interview with an Alien obtained via real absconded footage at S-4.  It shows a Gray Alien who is actually dying on camera while being interviewed which was being conducted telepathically (teleped – in The Worst Trade vernacular). Go to about 35 minutes for this actual piece, but the entire  video is 1 hour and 6 minutes long and worth watching.   Believers and skeptics abound on this piece.

3:  Gordon Cooper, Astronaut & Test Pilot, tells of a UFO that landed on a runway where he was stationed in US west, and how the footage from the filmed event was sent off to the DC heavies and disappeared forever since.  This is part of the inspiration for the S-38 in The Worst Trade.  For speed sake, try starting at about 1 minute 20 seconds.  There is a better video where this is all he talks about, one of his last, and I will try to find it again, but here he tells you what did happen.

4: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14*, gives his opinions and experiences in this a local TV News interview.  FYI – he has the record for longest Moonwalk at 9hrs and 17 min.  He believes ‘they’ are here, observe us, and have been here for a long while.

*(corrected  – 14 not 17 as previous)

5: Phil Schneider on Dulce Alien Base is as legendary and controversial as one might expect in this realm of subject matter.  This is a series of videos from one speaking event that is a MUST SEE!  Take the time and watch them all in sequence.  This is unbelievable stuff, and spoiler alert here for the uninitiated – he died a terrible death which also seems to be a tortuous death in the late 90’s and many think directly related to his disclosures about this material.  Of course the Dulce Gray Base made its way deeply into The Worst Trade.

6:  Bill Cooper on Krlll, the Gray Alien at S-4.  This is an awesome piece from 1989 at a MUFON event, where Mr. Cooper talks about the Grays, Krlll (their ambassador) and the government collusion with these aliens for technological gain.  Here is the Eisenhower piece of The Worst Trade connected eloquently by the dots.  This as well is one of the best and you will have to decide for yourself the truth of the matter.  Better to know something than nothing.  And that Krlll is one devious alien fellow indeed.  See for yourself.  And even better…

Get the book THE WORST TRADE here: AMAZON & SMASHWORDS In all digital formats.

*Look for ‘Proof of Alien Signals’ soon or next that may also include some new code to do your own analysis of an actual document.  Working on it. If it takes a while (and it may) hang on, and peruse other new posts.


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