In the “Modern Era” of THE WORST TRADE, the book takes a decided turn to all things current.  Something has drawn Mike back to a place from his early childhood; a barely thought of and nearly forgotten place where once he had the rare chance to tag along with the big boys from the neighborhood. 


It is here, where a convergence of circumstances that he does not properly understand begins to grow clear.  He pushes further into the woods, following a creek bed up the hill.  The smells of fecund earth return and reinvigorate.  Along the undisturbed banks, plants that have lost much of their natural habitat thrive in fortunate isolation.


It is a beautiful place.  A respite.  A spectacular hidden gem, part of an ecological wonderland, unfettered by modern life, yet dead smack in the middle of modern urbanity.  


This is the path he takes that day, climbing ever higher and closer toward something humanity has long forgotten and feared, lost long ago in the legends of the Lenape who used to inhabit these hills before the Europeans came.


He is alone and far off the beaten path where things can change in an instant – a flash of the eye.

Should something happen to him back in these secret woods, no one would ever know.  And  most likely no one would never find him again.  He reaches the entrance known to him by a recurring dream as a little boy…



Get THE WORST TRADE here: AMAZON & SMASHWORDS In all digital formats…and find out what happens.


About ahaver1

Author of science-fiction; translator of social and science relevance; dot connector.

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