It appears that they may have.  Again, in the Internet wilds there exists a document that outlines  the thoughts of these two brilliant scientists in regards to human contact in the modern era with alien civilizations. This document was claimed to have originated from a Freedom Of Information request, and one which escaped the black magic marker of copious redactions. Maybe the two scientists felt that something needed to be drafted being that the document is dated June 1947, an infamous hotbed period for UFO sightings and interaction.  What is not known from the doc date is whether it was written before the craft sightings of Arnold on June 24, 1947 or after, and remember that barely two weeks after Arnold’s claims, the world gets Roswell.  Either way the timing is important as was the fact that these two did know each other, and the fact that both men were concerned with the use of fission or fusion as weapons.  Oppenheimer would eventually see his security clearance taken away in 1954 because of a combination of his stance against nuclear weapons, his acquaintances in the socialist realm of politics, and as well as his bouts with depression.


Trinity A-Bomb 16 milliseconds after detonation.

The powers that be felt that he was unstable and untrustworthy, but something tells me that this thing was a lot to have on one’s mind day after day.  After witnessing the successful detonation of the Trinity bomb and after the celebratory hubris of team members and military present; the reality of the achievement apparently sunk in, where he reportedly quoted a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, “I am become Death. The destroyer of worlds.”


And how prophetic it was, unleashed upon the Japanese people, manifested as death and destruction, immediate vaporization of humans or as a long, slow-term insidious death for thousands of survivors, and for the signature it created in the cosmos for all to see.  A new era for humanity began the day after Trinity, and like a homeroom announcement from the snarky Principal we heard “OK, we know who did that,”  and they came in droves to see for themselves. Or maybe it was more like a message from the head zoo curator like “Will somebody please take the matches away from the monkeys?  Thank you.”   I guess both Einstein and Oppenheimer figured that maybe it should be them who should get a protocol rolling on all this. And note, of course, Einstein had no role in the bomb’s development other than being part of the knowledge chain.  He died in 1955, a year after Oppenheimer had his clearance revoked. How convenient for some.  Who knows what  if anything ever became of this document, but I assume that if it is legit – someone felt it was important enough to not destroy.  It is available below.  If real, we all own it anyway.  If a fabricated fake, someone will have to expose themselves for faking it and I will take care of my part and remove it.



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  1. kgbethlehem says:

    very, very interesting. good write up and i would not be surprise if it is true. logically speaking we are not the only living life forms with rational and of self thought. why not have great minds to draft a protocol. i’m pretty sure it was used by now anyway..

  2. kgbethlehem says:

    in fact, i’m going to facebook your blog, very intriguing subject matter that would appeal to a lot of my friends..

    • ahaver1 says:

      Hey, thanks kb. I just caught this. I’m glad you like and thanks for sharing it. Appreciated muchly 🙂

      • kgbethlehem says:

        no worries, shared it on facebook and reblogged it on my own. i have friends and my brother who love this type of information including myself.

        again thanks for sharing and keep up with the good writing..

  3. kgbethlehem says:

    Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    To all science in the realm of space and discovery (maybe sci-fi?) You will love this…

  4. sallyember says:

    interesting. Thanks for posting! relates to my sci-fi series quite well.

  5. Hmmmm…. definite food for thought. Thank you for the post!

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