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I don’t mean to gloat, but this time I will – my timing was impeccable!  It seems that some of the premises of THE WORST TRADE just got quite a kick being that no less than 8.8. Billion worlds have been calculated to be of the rocky sort like Earth and also in the habitable zone of potential life supporting planets.  That is a huge number.  Also it has been reported that about 20% of the stars in the Milky Way, our home galaxy, have earth-sized planets orbiting about.  This is big, big stuff folks!  I will stretch here, and not too far to say that the potential for actual alien life and intelligent alien life has just gone ballistic.  Here we are on a planet with humans that have just learned how to fly through the air in only the last 104 years or so; placed humans on another world – the moon; made a machine (Voyager 1) that has left the influence of Sol, our star;  placed robots on a nearby planet and have a digital system where I can sit at home and look at this distant world; learned how to compute in binary bits and bytes – all this in maybe one long human LIFETIME!  Incredible, and now, just maybe, we need to seriously start losing the self-aggrandized arrogance of  our own magnificence on this little vacuum we call Earth.  The vacuum mentality is a basal play field for the gamers of society and civilization. Exploit the collective instances and damn the greater good.  It bonds us to the treadmill of the economic isms and will not let a resource based society take seed, nor at present allow democracy to flourish. In that light, we need to reexamine the true content of religious texts and our place in this universe. We are not alone, my friends. For probability’s sake; it’s almost an impossibility.  Simply put there is no way.  And someone, if not many walking around on this Earth knows this for sure.  Why the big secret?  I guess we will find out.

Original post about Drake Equation.

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