The document below is reported to be a Top Secret document from President Truman to Secretary of Defense Forrestal dated September 24, 1947 that authorized the infamous Majestic Twelve, also known as MJ12, and also known simply as Majestic. 

MJ12 was an American affair created to interact with the alien presence on earth.  It was supposedly created and operated at the absolute highest level of secrecy.  It may have begun as preemptive diplomatic solution to deal with an alien presence, and as a strategic military intelligence operation utilized against a  force of unknown capability that possessed vastly superior technology. Dually, it seems to have been charged with reverse engineering and then eventual acquisition of alien technology for reasons that should appear obvious and in the context of post World War II; an urgent necessity. 

I’m presenting the document here for the reader to at least have experience with the  document’s existence if you don’t already, and to spur your own research on the subject.  If you find something interesting or know something about it; please share it.  There is a lot of info out there on all things alien.  A lot of it may be rubbish, but I don’t think all. Ultimately, in this realm as in all matters, you have to make up your own mind. I have no problem raising my own ‘skeptic alert’ flags, but as stated before I definitely reside in the “They are here and have been here” camp. And that there are many of ‘they’ out there.  In my mind it’s more of a matter of what’s going on – how, why, and who?

With that said, there are as many who reject this document as a hoax as there are those who have vetted their doubts for it to be without forgery and fraud.  Conclusions should be yours always, but first a little history on this document and an explanation of what it represents for those totally uninitiated in alien-human interaction.

The main clue is the date, September 24, 1947.  This date is less than three months after the event/discovery/recovery near Roswell, New Mexico on July 7, 1947.  Roswell itself occurs less than two weeks after a highly credible sighting reported by civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold near Mt. Rainier in Washington State on June 24, 1947.  Arnold was an experienced pilot and business person servicing clients in the region by air, and a deputy Sherriff in Idaho where he lived.  He described nine metallic crafts flying in a stepped-down echelon (>)formation. Using the distance between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams as a reference, Arnold originally calculated that the objects were flying far in excess of Mach 2, about 1700 mph, when at the time human jets (the P-80) could barely do 500 mph.  The speed of sound is roughly 789 mph.  Giving himself generous error padding, he reduced his estimate to 1200 mph, still far beyond what humans could do in agile flight, meaning not via a V-2 or similar rocket propelled device with a smooth, aimed trajectory. When not in formation, these crafts were flittering through valleys and around small peaks like a game of high speed catch me if you can.  Noted as saucer shaped by Arnold, the flying saucer crept into the lexicon afterwards and remains there still. 

Are the Arnold sighting and Roswell incident directly related?  I think it’s unlikely that they’re not.  1947 saw a plethora of UFO sightings across the US.  An advance party comes to mind; one that eventually made contact with the nation that produced the first human-made fission bombs that broadcast their signature to any technology capable of detecting them – alien technology in this case.  It may have been the event that heralded in a new era where a planet once populated by avaricious, violent, talking apes originally motivated by sex is now capable of blowing it all to hell.

Did they come to warn us off this route – to instruct us in a better method of existence, or did they come because any creature that could do that to their own was their kind of creature?  That last bit’s a little unsettling.  Anyway, here’s the doc:



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