In the story THE WORST TRADE, much of the early part and back story happens in the region near Area 51/Groom Lake and the other top secret areas near Nellis Air Force Base, such as S-4.  According to the books and recent promo tours by Charles Hall, the ‘Tall Whites’ as they are known, occupied a base area in the Indian Springs Valley region of Nevada through the early ’60’s.  That’s what he says.  Whether correct or misinformation, it became the setting for the ‘Erran Base’ in my book.  The Errans a.k.a, The Tall Whites, originate on the planet Erran (fiction) which is part of the Procyon binary star system (fact).  Procyon A & B are 11.6 light years from earth and to the human eye appear as the brightest single star in the constellation Canis Minor.


Indian Springs shown northwest of Las Vegas, NV.


Indian Springs Valley, Groom Lake, and Nellis – where much of the story takes place.

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