“We want to travel as they do, through space via these miraculous methods. We want to power ourselves as they do. We want answers to solving disease. We want no one else at the table. Arrange a landing!”

This is the directive that was sent back to the first contact team at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.  The year was 1952.  The Grays wanted something from us and this is what we wanted from them; their technology.  An understanding and practical implementation of physics that was far beyond our capabilities at the time and as now.  The technology transfer was to remain secret and institute a divergent reality of fantastic potential; one for those with access and then control of the table, and another for everyone else, including the population that owns the table.

So how do they travel through space via these miraculous methods?  The quick answer is
an advanced power source, manipulation of gravitation, and materials that make up the skin and interior of the crafts.  First, let’s look at the manipulation of gravitation and remember that this is a “fictional” science base that allows this and subsequent stories to ‘work’ in my mind enough to run with it.  Although most of the underlying science is real and readily verifiable; don’t take it to science class or some interaction that your having and present it as all true.  It isn’t, but then again, maybe it is or one day, may be!


The schematic above shows the ‘brane’ of the universe we inhabit being bent by the gravitation engines of the alien crafts.  In “The Worst Trade” this is achieved through the manipulation of gravitons using advanced power sources.  Gravitons are hypothetical particles, or a quantum of energy exchanged in a gravitational interaction.  Gravitons are postulated to travel at the speed of light, have zero rest mass, zero charge, and a spin of 2.   The exchange interaction is the part that I find interesting for the story which envisions a greater amount of this energy or particles on the other side of the brane; in an adjoining multiverse.  The engines create a state that sort of links up (enables an interaction between) our universe with the adjoining one, but allows and controls the flow of the gravitational energy like a fluid or perhaps a circular string with no beginning or end.  The engines, therefore direct a constant sum of less gravitons, the weakest fundamental interaction in our universe, toward the greater sum present in the adjoining multiverse.  This produces an attraction that exploits the singular direction of gravitational forces that makes them always attractive.  The result in the story is to be able to ride along, or to be drawn along a ‘brane’ deformed by an imbalance of gravitons that shouldn’t be allowed to interact under normal circumstances.  Direction of movement along the surface of the brane is controlled by the tilt angle of the gravitational engine shown in purple.  In the Worst Trade, the S-38, which is rumored to exist, uses three such engines.  In the example above, if you want to to go left, tilt left and fire it up.


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