In a nutshell – realistic sentient being interaction; the type that might be expected of higher thinking beings. By this, I mean the disassembly and destruction of the iconic pillars that plaque society today – essentially prejudice.  There are no universal bad guys and there are no universal good guys either.  Out in the wilderness of the internet, where this story has its roots, there seems to exist three camps of thought.  One leans toward a stack of attributes ascribed to certain alien species as all bad, all evil, and all negative.  Another camp leans glowingly toward highly advanced attributes applied to certain other alien species.  The third camp ascribes any and all attributes to any group.  I am a member of the last camp as this seems the most realistic, because there are no monolithic belief systems and traits in the higher sentient species that I know the best – humans, although many of us continually try to impose them on groups of humans different from ourselves.

A lot of what I’ve read in the web wilderness goes so far as to attach all the best and highest traits to the fairest alien species; the Pleiadians, and to the Tall Whites, or Errans in my book.  Hmmn, now where have I seen that before in human history?  Everything good is white and pure.  Everything bad; different, dark, and alien.  If these visitors or hidden residents are factual, and I believe that this is the likely case, than they surely would have one more reason to stay out of the sight of the masses,  or to implement  the one great tried and true method of subversion through good ole’ divide and conquer. Don’t we understand the implications of this by now?  Maybe not if one looks at the state of the current world.

The aliens in The Worst Trade are nearly as diverse in personality as their human counterparts, but within their groups remain similar.  This is the approach that this book takes.  I’ve had fun with it and do like the story very much. 

In the book the Gray aliens are very different from us as one would expect. They claim that we are biologically similar.  And we are, but their alien-ness remains a gulf that cannot ever be fully crossed.  That distance is far less between some of the other alien species in the book, but with the Grays it is troublesome. For one, they cannot or will not speak with audible words,  They do not or will not write with hand created symbols, but we can communicate with them in a variety of ways, some of them telepathically.  They have achieved a far higher mastery of this physical universe , yet they are as frail and vulnerable as any living creature in it.  They certainly are not all knowing, but without giving too much of the story away; they, like us must seek out the resources they need for their survival and advancement.  And very important in this story; they have a morality, a code, either innate or taught, we’re never sure, but it works for them and their existence.  It seems to be a path that all higher beings in the story are on.  Humans are on this path as well, but we are the nascent ones, not fully aware of its real meaning or purpose.  We are just starting out on the road to this potential.  Our lack of understanding leaves us exploitable and vulnerable and unfortunately for us, but great for the story – this is a source of great conflict. We have no choice but to remain human.  And the Grays pervasive “alienness”  remains a dark zone for us. 
Re-examine human history where more technologically advanced and powerful groups encountered (discovered) indigenes in their native lands and first realized all the new and abundant resources to be had.  What happened next in nearly every case?  In all the new ‘earth-like’ planets currently being discovered by science, which ones have intelligent life on them that one day, we may be able to interact with?  The new numbers of planets found so far are staggering.  Imagine if we were able to travel now to one of these worlds?  Would we collectively behave any differently steeped in our primate origins and all the primal influences that come with it?  We are creatures of acquisition.  Whether resources or knowledge; we want it, and I think in all of that our base motivation is driven by sex.  Get more, have more, secure more –  we can be kings.  Would we even be capable of interacting differently on these worlds?  I’d hope so, and that we’d choose our path wisely.  The Grays in The Worst Trade have chosen theirs.


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