Will Alien Life Be Found By 2040?


According to SETI – Most likely.  According to others – it’s old news.

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[The writer] mu…

Resistance & motivation. It’s in the blood, or should be if you’re breathing. Particularity now as history is a moment attached to other moments. That’s all there is. And at your last breath, that’s all you’ll have to take with you.


The writer must offend people if he’s going to be effective. It’s like someone once said about opera. “Stab a tenor and he sings.” Stab a writer — or step on his toes — and he’ll write. It’s an automatic reflex reaction. A writer writes because it’s his response to the world. It’s a natural process, like respiration.

But above all, a writer must have a capacity for indignation. The capacity for indignation is the most important thing for a creative person. Not the aesthetic capacity but the capacity for indignation. And especially indignation at the treatment afforded other people… To see a blind and deaf baby and to feel anger, to feel fury, at the starving of children and the arrest of political dissidents. That is the basis of the writer.

Philip K. Dick

We write about what troubles us about the world.

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REAL NUMBERS: Not Your Daddy’s Sci-Fi


A while ago, I wrote a post about Science-Fiction Leakage Into Current Reality where I pulled things together, connected dots, occurrences, and history like I sometimes tend to do.  You might call the genre that really interests me as Conspiracy-Sci-Fi , or myself as one of those types of writers.  That would be partly true.  Engaged in that genre or mode of thought at times feels like trying to understand a car without ever having driven one, or sitting inside one, but still being able to watch them zoom by and finding the stench of their exhaust unavoidable.  And lately everything reeks.  So, here we are again.  If Conspiracy-Sci-Fi it is a genre or sub-genre , many writings in this space have a common theme that involves an Elite Conspiracy to control the world. The whole world.  All of it.  Scary stuff!  There are some imaginative thoughts out there, but then some isn’t just wildly cooked up ideas.  Like all the Intelligence capability conspiracies long before Edward Snowden leapt into the lexicon, that were blown off by sensible citizens as borne of the imagination of fringe kooks.  Well, kooks no longer, as here we once again have more “mainstream” evidence that provides better fodder than any Conspiracy-Sci-Fi fringe nut can come up with.  If you like numbers, you may have  heard this one this week: 

85 human beings possess more wealth than the poorest 3.5 Billion humans on earth.

Read that again and imagine… I’ve thrown parties with more people than that…

Got that rigged feeling?

In case you need a little help counting, the world population clock is ticking at about 7 .1 Billion people.  Even if you suck at math, that’s about half the world anyway you shake it.

Can you say unsustainable?  Cataclysmic?  A looming crisis of unimaginable magnitude?  A major friggin’ catastrophe in the making?

Call me naïve, but I long for the days of Star Trek with Kirk and Spoc, where there was no money (except later versions with Pharengy latinium trades); where people worked for the common purpose of self-development and societal good.  It wasn’t that good and evil still didn’t battle it out like hell, but it was a nice dream anyway.  Good luck nowadays. This is a strange time to be alive, and it feels as if the real show hasn’t even begun yet.  And if reality keeps this up; there’s going to be a lot of fiction writers with no original material left either.  It’s supposed to be the other way around.  And I made it through piece without cursing once this time.  Hang on to your seats.

Jet Near Miss with UFO at Heathrow, UK

Jet Near Miss with UFO at Heathrow, UK

It’s coincidental that this came out today after another article in The Raw Story about an RT interview with Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defence Minister about his beliefs in UFOs and alien contact, but here is the story in USA Today.  Many folks were dogging the Hellyer interview as some utter and complete nut spurting fanciful nonsense, but he only joins many who have come forward from astronauts, to many other pilots, to farmers, to cops, to Presidents, and to some who have actually lost it.  Scrutinize for yourself always. It’s only your world.  

Got a CERTIFIED NUT in Your Circle?



Original Story Nuts?  Sci-Fi nuts?  Conspiracy Nuts?  It’s all Tasty Stuff for the Open Mind and Good Slippery Grease for the Closed Ones.

 “Where else will you find a Las Vegas Liberace cross-dressing psychic who translates for an Alien Tony Soprano who smiles like a camel ready to spit while he scams the Feds and all of humanity? Huh?”

It’s dark, but not all dark. 



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Phil Schneider & The Killer Alien Blue Flash



Pics*: 1) The bubble appears 2) The bubble expands 3)the bubble collapses 4) Light is emitted.

If it was a sonoluminescent blast that hit Schneider in the chest and eventually gave him  cancer, then these Gray aliens have perfected something very powerful indeed.  As the effect is described by Phil Schneider in his lengthy talk and presentation linked here and below, and identified in the book THE WORST TRADE; some form of sonoluminescence is their primary weapon.  An extrapolation and summation on my part – yes, I’m absolutely claiming that.  Could it have been some other physical phenomena used as a weapon? Sure, perhaps a good ole’ fashioned laser – light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation, or something still unknown, but either way it carried a high degree of destructive wallop, and from Schneider’s description – it sounds like it carried a blast of heat as well.  So what is sonoluminescence?  The scientific jury is still out, but may be essentially described as sound waves that cause the cavitation of gas bubbles that releases light and heat.  The image below (from wikipedia, annotated by me) shows a single bubble suspended in a liquid and two transducers on either side of the beaker.



“Before I go any further, I’m stating again that I am not a physicist, (started school as a science major though) I just like the subject, and write science fiction.  So as always, check for yourself, and scrutinize with a sharp mind.”

The idea that acoustic waves can cause a powerful phenomena many magnitudes more energetic than the stimuli is nothing new.  Ancient cultures worldwide and shamans over the ages have made similar claims about using sound and vibrations, but for whatever reasons, these claims have been swept off  to the trash bins and labeled as fanciful BS by ‘modern’ or ‘western’ cultures.  For those that like their science precise and with reproducible results (and you should) – here it is.  At least this aspect.  The mechanics of the phenomenon suggest that focused acoustic waves hold the bubble at a zero crossing (node) …


…a point where the frequency of the sound wave equals zero.  If one can imaging a rope held by two persons that is flicked by one person, the ends are nodes, the high points are antinodes. With both persons holding and flicking two ropes with equal force at the same time, there will be a point at which the ropes seem to cross and remain still – that’s the node or zero crossing.  Held at this point sonically, the pressure on the bubble causes it to implode.  The physical space of the bubble compresses to the point that great energy in the form of photons and great heat is released, but only for a very brief moment.  It may compress and expand many times in the process, each time releasing heat and photons.  There is much uncertainty  as to what this output actually represents and what is really going on.  Some have suggested that an event horizon, much like a black hole’s event horizon is being created and there has been suggestion that fusion is also taking place.  Temperature ranges of the phenomenon have ranged from 2300 K to 100,000 k and speculated to millions of degrees K, although for an instant measured in picoseconds (1*10-12).  The fact is that humans don’t really know yet.  This phenomenon is relatively new to us, actually having been discovered by a British scientist contracted by the British government in the 20th century to find out why the propellers of ships were degrading so much; the conclusion being the bubbles caused by cavitation were doing this. 

Imagine for a moment if this phenomenon is either or both an even horizon and/ or a fusion event?  Jeez, we need to look at this seriously, and not just because it was used by some hopeful sci-fi writer to make his book work better.  It is the sort of thing that should get some money like Thorium reactors instead of plutonium/ uranium reactors.  Fusion is the Holy Grail of energy right now.  An event horizon is inter-dimensional StarGate stuff, you know like what’s on the other side, who are we connected to, how is is this universe all put together stuff?  I’d much rather see money spent for that and not for killing somebody for once.  So, back to poor Mr. Schneider – he met the bad end of all this if true as he stated, and in the end, lost his life for telling the truth about it, the circumstances, and the exposition of the Gray beings and Human collaborators who caused it.  I don’t believe that humans are innately evil, but we do seem to be innately fearful.  Our evolutionary biology, I think formed up the latter for us and with good reason in a dangerous natural world. That’s for us to overcome one day, and when we do; I believe a new world awaits.  If you think this blog is a little different – it is.  I’d love it if you read some of the previous posts as well.

And lastly, speaking of the natural world, wouldn’t you know evidence of sonoluminescence lives right here on earth in the form of mantis shrimp, pistol shrimp, and some other similar shrimp species.  These small (but deadly to small creatures) shrimp create a sonoluminescent effect by snapping their claws and/or striking so fast and with so much force that some species can break aquarium glass. Some reportedly can even produce the fleeting burst of light.  Colonies of mantis shrimp are known to be one of the major sources of noise in the ocean frequently irritating and beguiling sonar equipment. 

Read all about sonoluminescence and those bad little mofo’s that you don’t want in your salt water aquarium.

Pistol Shrimp_short_video 1:35min

Note: An event horizon can be understood as a physical place in space-time, a boundary, where once crossed events can not affect the observer.  Imagine if you and I were out in space on opposite sides of a black hole and I had a ball of light in my hand and threw it to you.  As long as my toss was outside the influence of the black hole – you could see it and catch it.  If I messed up and threw it too close to the effect of the black hole, its path would be warped and if too close, would be pulled down into the black hole and we would never see it again.  Kind of like that whiffle ball lost into the weeds forever on a summer night.  It’s gone!


Phil Schneider on Dulce Alien Base. This is a series of videos from one speaking event that is a MUST SEE! He tells you about the blast that eventually did him in.

*Pics – come from Wikipedia and have the commons license – so don’t hassle me Smile


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Best Links for Extraterrestrial Evidence –PART 1


This image is actually a type of mirage called a ‘fata morgana’ that can occur due to an air temperature inversion relative to the viewers line of sight.

Yup, there’s plenty of evidence from actual witnesses to the existence of alien life and UFOs.  Some of it comes from some of the most credible people in society such as Astronauts like the (late) Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14.  This is a very short, but concise link-list where you can click and see for yourself, and as always do your own side investigations.  It won’t hurt you, and don’t be afraid of what you find.  There is plenty more out there to be found and if you’re so inclined, file your own Freedom of Information request and share it with others as it really belongs to all.

I will admit that some of these links to videos and other information did in fact influence greatly the book The Worst Trade.  And regarding The Worst Trade, I have some interesting news behind the story and will share them soon.  So, in the meantime, this is a very light list, but a goodie!

And as always, if anyone complains about the linking or what I consider (or the law considers) Fair Use, let me know and the right thing will be done.


1:  Dying Confession of CIA Operative about Alien Interview and Eisenhower’s promise to invade Area 51 with the First Colorado Army unit if he was not granted access.  Note:  This entire video should be viewed.  It is about 17 mins.

2:  Interview with an Alien obtained via real absconded footage at S-4.  It shows a Gray Alien who is actually dying on camera while being interviewed which was being conducted telepathically (teleped – in The Worst Trade vernacular). Go to about 35 minutes for this actual piece, but the entire  video is 1 hour and 6 minutes long and worth watching.   Believers and skeptics abound on this piece.

3:  Gordon Cooper, Astronaut & Test Pilot, tells of a UFO that landed on a runway where he was stationed in US west, and how the footage from the filmed event was sent off to the DC heavies and disappeared forever since.  This is part of the inspiration for the S-38 in The Worst Trade.  For speed sake, try starting at about 1 minute 20 seconds.  There is a better video where this is all he talks about, one of his last, and I will try to find it again, but here he tells you what did happen.

4: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14*, gives his opinions and experiences in this a local TV News interview.  FYI – he has the record for longest Moonwalk at 9hrs and 17 min.  He believes ‘they’ are here, observe us, and have been here for a long while.

*(corrected  – 14 not 17 as previous)

5: Phil Schneider on Dulce Alien Base is as legendary and controversial as one might expect in this realm of subject matter.  This is a series of videos from one speaking event that is a MUST SEE!  Take the time and watch them all in sequence.  This is unbelievable stuff, and spoiler alert here for the uninitiated – he died a terrible death which also seems to be a tortuous death in the late 90’s and many think directly related to his disclosures about this material.  Of course the Dulce Gray Base made its way deeply into The Worst Trade.

6:  Bill Cooper on Krlll, the Gray Alien at S-4.  This is an awesome piece from 1989 at a MUFON event, where Mr. Cooper talks about the Grays, Krlll (their ambassador) and the government collusion with these aliens for technological gain.  Here is the Eisenhower piece of The Worst Trade connected eloquently by the dots.  This as well is one of the best and you will have to decide for yourself the truth of the matter.  Better to know something than nothing.  And that Krlll is one devious alien fellow indeed.  See for yourself.  And even better…

Get the book THE WORST TRADE here: AMAZON & SMASHWORDS In all digital formats.

*Look for ‘Proof of Alien Signals’ soon or next that may also include some new code to do your own analysis of an actual document.  Working on it. If it takes a while (and it may) hang on, and peruse other new posts.

Path to the Tunnels of Calvary


In the “Modern Era” of THE WORST TRADE, the book takes a decided turn to all things current.  Something has drawn Mike back to a place from his early childhood; a barely thought of and nearly forgotten place where once he had the rare chance to tag along with the big boys from the neighborhood. 


It is here, where a convergence of circumstances that he does not properly understand begins to grow clear.  He pushes further into the woods, following a creek bed up the hill.  The smells of fecund earth return and reinvigorate.  Along the undisturbed banks, plants that have lost much of their natural habitat thrive in fortunate isolation.


It is a beautiful place.  A respite.  A spectacular hidden gem, part of an ecological wonderland, unfettered by modern life, yet dead smack in the middle of modern urbanity.  


This is the path he takes that day, climbing ever higher and closer toward something humanity has long forgotten and feared, lost long ago in the legends of the Lenape who used to inhabit these hills before the Europeans came.


He is alone and far off the beaten path where things can change in an instant – a flash of the eye.

Should something happen to him back in these secret woods, no one would ever know.  And  most likely no one would never find him again.  He reaches the entrance known to him by a recurring dream as a little boy…



Get THE WORST TRADE here: AMAZON & SMASHWORDS In all digital formats…and find out what happens.

Did Einstein & Oppenheimer Draft an Alien-Human Interaction Protocol?


It appears that they may have.  Again, in the Internet wilds there exists a document that outlines  the thoughts of these two brilliant scientists in regards to human contact in the modern era with alien civilizations. This document was claimed to have originated from a Freedom Of Information request, and one which escaped the black magic marker of copious redactions. Maybe the two scientists felt that something needed to be drafted being that the document is dated June 1947, an infamous hotbed period for UFO sightings and interaction.  What is not known from the doc date is whether it was written before the craft sightings of Arnold on June 24, 1947 or after, and remember that barely two weeks after Arnold’s claims, the world gets Roswell.  Either way the timing is important as was the fact that these two did know each other, and the fact that both men were concerned with the use of fission or fusion as weapons.  Oppenheimer would eventually see his security clearance taken away in 1954 because of a combination of his stance against nuclear weapons, his acquaintances in the socialist realm of politics, and as well as his bouts with depression.


Trinity A-Bomb 16 milliseconds after detonation.

The powers that be felt that he was unstable and untrustworthy, but something tells me that this thing was a lot to have on one’s mind day after day.  After witnessing the successful detonation of the Trinity bomb and after the celebratory hubris of team members and military present; the reality of the achievement apparently sunk in, where he reportedly quoted a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, “I am become Death. The destroyer of worlds.”


And how prophetic it was, unleashed upon the Japanese people, manifested as death and destruction, immediate vaporization of humans or as a long, slow-term insidious death for thousands of survivors, and for the signature it created in the cosmos for all to see.  A new era for humanity began the day after Trinity, and like a homeroom announcement from the snarky Principal we heard “OK, we know who did that,”  and they came in droves to see for themselves. Or maybe it was more like a message from the head zoo curator like “Will somebody please take the matches away from the monkeys?  Thank you.”   I guess both Einstein and Oppenheimer figured that maybe it should be them who should get a protocol rolling on all this. And note, of course, Einstein had no role in the bomb’s development other than being part of the knowledge chain.  He died in 1955, a year after Oppenheimer had his clearance revoked. How convenient for some.  Who knows what  if anything ever became of this document, but I assume that if it is legit – someone felt it was important enough to not destroy.  It is available below.  If real, we all own it anyway.  If a fabricated fake, someone will have to expose themselves for faking it and I will take care of my part and remove it.